Marmaris central is an appropriate starting point to go to the ancient cities for a day-trip. Vehicles such as private cars, minibuses and buses can be used for day-trips. Tourism offices in the city arrange economic tours for groups as well. Use your time efficiently by visiting both ancient sites and natural beauties at the same time.
The neighbor of Marmaris, Armutalan, is surrounded by forested hills and the east side faces onto sea. Together with its geographical location and exceptional panorama, Armutalan has made a rapid progress in a relatively short time. The number of hotels, motels and social facilities providing tourism services are incresing. The fact that it is far from noise and located just next to the center of the district and the beauty of its weather and sea is a significant feature of it. Thus, it is a town preferred by retirees and those who want to live there both in summer and winter. The population is reaching 14 thousand.
District of Marmaris and neighbor Armutalan. It is an old residential area in the section opening to the plain of Karadere Vadisi coming from Çetibel geographically. The ancient city of Physkos is on Asar Tepesi (Asar Hill), just next to it. Beldibi is situated in such a natural surrounding that it is surrounded by forested hills just like all of Marmaris. While the village lived on vegetables and fruit until 1995s, it has now become a housing zone. The distance to the center of the city is just 1 km. Its population is close to 6 thousand.

Its distance to Marmaris is 8 kilometers. It is a modern holiday town having made a great progress recently. Its coast is pretty shallow, its sand is quite fine. Every kind of water sports are done. Diving courses are available for those who are interested. Its hotel, motel, shopping center, bazaar and amusement parks are developed and of high quality. Going to Içmeler with frequently moving motors from the city center by sea is a great pleasure. The local population is around 10 thousand.

It is at a distance of 21 kilometers from Marmaris by land, 5 miles by sea. Its population is around 3.500. The view of Marmaris Bay from the Içmeler hills which consists of twists and turns is exceptionally beautiful. Also, the crooked road descending from the hills to Turunç offers extraordinarily beautiful views. When going to Turunç by sea, it is seen that the sea and its beaches are distinctively beautiful, not quite like any other thing. It is always at service of their guests with its hotel, motel and hostels suitable for all kind of accommodations. Its social services are strong and its shopkeepers and tradesmen are always ready to give you a hand. Many foreigners prefer to settle in Turunç for the peace and tranquility it offers. The ancient city of Amos is very close to Turunç.
Yalancı Boğaz
This piece of land at a distance of 8 km from Marmaris was named Yalancı Boğaz after a captain of a ship grounded its ship assuming that this was a gulf leading to strait. It is worth visiting this land where you can see the wooden Gulet shipyards. Structurting is yet to start there and its nature is untouched, it is quiet, breezy, its weather is mesmerizing, and its sunset is beyonds words and it directly faces Marmaris.
Sedir Adası
Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island)
Motor trips are organized from Çamlıköy to Sedir Island, which is situated at a distance of 15 km from Marmaris. Its original sand called Oolatik and its unique sea ranging from turquoise to dark blue make the island quite special. Sedir Island, which is also called Cleopatra Island, bears the traces of Cedrae ruins dating from the Roman age. There is a very interesting beach, which, among people, is said to be the beach where Cleopatra swam, in the small bay next to the northwest side of the island. It is believed that Antonius had the sands brought from North Africa for his beloved Cleopatra. 
At a distance of 2 kilometers from Marmaris, Günlük (Liquidamber Orientalis) forest is in this picnic site. The levant storax obtained from these very trees are used in the pharmaceutical and perfumery industry. Günnücek Sea, a natural recreation spot, draws attention with its shallowness. You can reach Günnücek Park, a natural value of the region, by your car, which takes 10-15 minutes from the city center.

The village covers a 6 kilometer road from Turunç, but you can also go there from Marmaris by sea. One of the most favorite beaches of the region with its amazing sand and sea intertwining green and blue.

Being one of the untouched regions of Turkey, the nostalgic fishing village Selimiye reminds of heaven. Surrounded by snow-white almond tree blossoms around the end of January, the friendly and hospitable habitants of the village have already surpassed 100 years of age thanks to oxygen abundance.

Bördübet, which the British soldiers hiding themselves in this bay called Bird the bed, makes the best of its name with many species of birds such as rock dove, goldfinch, nightingale, heron and sparrow hawk. Bördübet Village, situated on the Reşadiye Island in Marmaris, is a small holiday resort connected to Hisarönü village. Bördübet, located on the side facing the Gulf of Gökova and surrounded by dense forests, has an unique nature just like many other bays in the region. Its most distinctive characteristic is the sea penetrating the dense forest through a 200 meters wide and 600 meters long channel.

Orhaniye, displaying exceptional beauties from any angle and height, has a sea as calm as a lake in the first hours of the day. Orhaniye Village, situated on the skirts of the ancient city of Baybassos, is known for its red sand extending to the sea like a charm and Şövalye (Knight) Island with its fortress located in the middle of the bay.
Kız Kumu
A set consisting of red and coarse-grained sands in Orhaniye Bay extends from the coast to the offshores of the sea like a charm. Even when this appearing and disappearing sand while water is raised during the tides, it enables tourists visiting the region and to walk in the water.

Söğüt Köyü 
Söğüt village welcomes those who make return from Bozburun towards the Gulf of Hisarönü. The view on the hill where you can intensively feel the sea and pine scented breeze is absolutely heartwarming. Spots such as Taşlıca, Bozukkale, Serçe harbour, Asardibi, Kızılkayalar and the silhouette of Simmi Island of Greece are also within sight. Söğüt, formerly Saranda, and its surrounding, is rich in sea products.