If you want to relax a bit, professional hands at the wellness center are awaiting you. We guarantee that you will enjoy the massage and be pleased with it.

Aromaterapi Massage

Relax Massage

Face Mask
PUBLIC BATH (Turkish Hamam)

If you want to get rid of the fatigue of the day, you can relax yourself in the Turkish bath open to all our guests. The history of public baths go back to the Romans. Excavations made in the city Pompeii which was buried under the ashes of the Vesuvius volcano have revealed public baths of the Romans. We not only invite you to the renewed baths of POSEIDON HOTEL for its pureness, but also for pleasure and fun.

You can visit our sauna to rest, relax, and to do something healthy and fit for your body.

If you want to rest your tired muscles and joints thus having a more energetic body with the power of steam, then visit our Steam Room. The steam rooms, which have been used for relief and relaxation by people since the early ages, are thought to have curative features. It is an accepted fact in the medicine world that the hot steam relaxes the muscles by softening them and helping the body excrete the toxins acting as an antioxidant.